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Thipthara’s Thai Massage and Spa is known as the best Thailand’s
family owned Massage and Spa business in San Antonio and Austin, Texas area. Thipthara’s massage therapists are certified traditional Thai massage therapist in the healing arts, with over twenty years of combined experience. Whether you’re looking to relieve physical pain, resolve an emotional issue, or just to relax and feel good, it’s Thipthara’s aspiration, through its centuries old Thai tradition massage, to support you.

Thipthara’s therapist combines long, smooth strokes with deep tissue techniques to distribute immediate relief to mind, body and soul, while also addressing specific problem areas. Sessions usually begin with light touch and quickly progress to deeper, focused work as your muscle tissues are warmed up. Here at Thipthara, our clients begin to feel the release of  tension locked within the body. Our clients walk away feeling refreshed, energized, and relaxed.

Single and Double rooms are available for couples or friends to enjoy the Thai massage experience together. Thipthara supplies scented or unscented oils and lotions upon request at beginning of treatments. Our massage selection are the Traditional Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Four Hand, and Hot Stone.

Remember, our certified Thai massage therapist are here for you, come visit whenever you’re feeling pain, frozen shoulder, backache, anxiety, and other general feelings of immovable joint and muscles conditions.

Text (210)992-3653 or Call (210)442-8951 to schedule your appointment, we're waiting!!

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